"A Once In A Lifetime Experience"

This is no ordinary "safari"

A chance to experience the exceptional
Track Rhino on foot.
Live in a Zulu village.
Snorkel with Sharks in the warm Indian Ocean
This 11-day expedition is time invested in yourself
A chance to do something exceptional.
Leaving you feeling revived and inspired.

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The Wilds

Immerse yourself in one of Africa's richest wildlife areas, on foot, sleeping under the stars. A chance to reconnect to you primitive self, no phones, no watches, just you and nature.

The Oceans

Plunge into the warm Indian Ocean. Snorkel in crystal clear water, learn to surf, and swim with sharks. Don’t worry, our highly experienced guides will ensure you are safe!

The People

Immerse yourself in a Zulu Village. Spend time with a traditional healer, learn new customs and experience rural Zululand, leave seeing the world through a new set of eyes.

Do The Remarkable

This expedition is about doing remarkable things you never thought you would. Walk the wilderness with Africa's wildlife, snorkel with sharks, live in a Zulu village. Do the exceptional!

Broaden Your Horizons

Spending time embedded in a rural Zulu Village and seeing the world in a new, simpler way. It's about pushing your boundaries and changing your perceptions

Find Your Flow

These experiences are designed to disconnect you from your everyday life, a digital detox that will allow for your deeper, inner self to emerge with new ideas, clarity and confidence.

Make An Impact

Support sustainable tourism. Part of the proceeds from your expedition go to various NGO’s and communities-based tourism initiatives that focus on uplifting rural communities and boosting conservation in South Africa.

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